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The player takes the role of Christopher Stone, a plumber-turned American Resistance movement leader who fights against the Red Army that invades and occupies New York City. It was developed by IO Interactive, using a modified version of the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin game engine, and published by Electronic Arts Freedom Fighters is a third-person shooter, in which the player navigates through the streets of New York while fighting the Soviet forces.

The game also contains squad-based elements, having a charisma meter. The player gains charisma by performing heroic deeds in the resistance movement against the invading forces, like capturing a base or destroying vital supplies. The more charisma that is gained, the more squadmates the character can recruit, including leaderless guerrillas and wounded Russian soldiers, up to a maximum of twelve.

Freedom Fighters uses a simple method of controlling recruits in battle. Given the terrain of New York City after the initial invasion, the Resistance usually stations its soldiers in covered positions like craters and buildings Multiplayer Multiplayer revolves around securing flags and bunkers. The flag that a player needs to capture and hold is usually in the center of the map. Bunkers are positioned around the map, and spawn either Soviet soldiers or American freedom fighters.

Players can know who the bunkers belong to because of a star above each one; a Soviet bunker is marked by a red star, while an American bunker is marked by a blue star. In each game, there can be up to four players, who can choose between the Soviet and American sides.

Each side has a different set of weapons. The players can switch weapons in battle. In each map, there are several areas where weapons and ammunition are stored. Each bunker also has one medical kit and one ammunition can, so every bunker is vitally important. Each player also has their charisma meter set to eight, so each player can have a maximum of eight soldiers under their command; however, if it is a four-player battle, each player can control a maximum of four soldiers.

The players can select a map to fight in: Greenwich Village, where there are four bunkers surrounding the flag; Brooklyn Rooftops, with four adjacent bunkers with the flag between the middle two bunkers on a building; and Fort Jay, a nighttime scene with four bunkers at the edge of the map with the flag in the middle Plot In an alternate present time, the Soviet Union brings an end to World War II by dropping the first atomic bomb on Berlin, redefining history.

As a result, the Soviet Union never collapsed; it instead became the world superpower. Europe changed from democracy to communism with Great Britain as the last to join the communist bloc, albeit reluctantly. The Stones appear at her condominium only to find no one home, until Soviet soldiers led by General Tatarin raid the condo, seizing Troy.

Amidst the attack on the city, Chris escapes to the streets, allied with a man named Mr. Jones and resistance member Phil Bagzton. They plan and carry out a rescue for Isabella, who is being held at New York police station, and shortly thereafter, Chris successfully rescue Troy Stone, who is being held hostage at a post office.

Then the group retreats to the underground sewers as new York City falls to the Soviet invasion, along with the rest of the United States A couple of months after the rescues, Chris becomes known as the Freedom Phantom within the Soviet controlled-media, SAFN. Chris, Phil, and Isabella sabotage key Soviet facilities and reclaim territories within New York City, while building a strong resistance group consisting of New York inhabitants and disillusioned Soviet soldiers.

Despite fierce resistance from the Soviet occupation, they manage serious headway against the Red Army. During this time, Troy is captured by the Soviet forces and made to reveal the true identity of the Freedom Phantom to the media. He is later forced to make a public statement to Chris and the resistance group, reluctantly pleading them to cease their actions, while being led away he suddenly returns to the podium, urging Chris to keep fighting.

Jones reveals the grim news to Chris, suggesting retaliation in the form of the assassination of General Tatarin. Jones reveals himself to be Soviet Colonel Bulba, head of the KGB, explaining that this was how he managed to supply the resistance with information. Chris escapes with Phil Bagzton and The Kid to another underground base. After destroying and taking over multiple areas of the island including Fort Jay and rescuing Isabella, the resistance group celebrate their victory over the Soviets.

Chris escapes the forces of the Red Army and General Tatarin, going underground on the first day of the occupation Isabella Angelina — Co-leader of the Manhattan Resistance. Traveled extensively, became a political activist, protesting Soviet influence.

Turned into a prominent leader of the resistance movement in New York, playing a key role in its liberation from the Soviets Troy Stone — Manhattan Resistance member. Brother to Christopher, assistant plumber Mr. Jones — Manhattan Resistance military and intelligence advisor. Born in in the Asian Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, General Tatarin is a field warrior, hailing from a long line of soldiers.

Tatarin is a highly skilled and accomplished soldier, the subject of great loyalty and respect from the men under his command Tatiana Kempinski — Soviet propaganda newscaster. Educated partly in the United States, spending several years there prior to the invasion, but as staunch a follower of the Soviet cause as anyone Development Audio The Freedom Fighters original soundtrack was composed by Jesper Kyd and released on September 29, by Sumthing Else and Nano Studios.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 14 and 16 are performed by The Hungarian Radio Choir. The history of the Soviet Union and the Cold War conflict were also major contributing influences.

It was quite a strange time writing music for a story about a foreign power invading Manhattan I spent a lot of my time just playing the game to get a real, in-depth sense of the experiences that I needed to dramatize. Bellek Miktar? Post a Comment. Free Games Full Vresion Download. Recent Posts. Like us. Wednesday, April 13, Freedom Fighters. Freedom Fighters is a third-person shooter, in which the player navigates through the streets of New York while fighting the Soviet forces.

I probably spent way too much time playing the game, but I just loved the fact that you could become a freedom fighter and help free New York City from an invading. Posted in: action , Strategy. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to our RSS Feed. Follow Us on Twitter. Be Our Fan on Facebook. Popular Tags Blog Archives. Popular Posts. Crazy Frog Racer 2.

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Freedom Fighters Game – Free Download Full Version For Pc Game.One moment, please

Freedom Fighters 3 free PC game is a windows 7, XP, Vista and 8 Based action shooter game developed by EA. Freedom Fighters 1 Game Highly Compressed Free Download activities Setup single link for Windows. The Freedom Fighter 1 game for Pc. It relies on an.


Freedom fighter 3 game free full version for pc

Nov 15,  · Download Now! Direct link. Pick one of the 12 characters available in this Champion Edition: Ryu, Ken, Honda, Chun-li, Blanka, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and replace.me Last update 15 Nov. Licence Free OS Support Windows XP, Windows Server , Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows . Aug 28, – Freedom Fighters 3 PC Game Free Download setup in the full version. This is an HD third-person based shooter game, developed by EA. Freedom Fighters 1 Game. Hellow guys tell me about how to installing freedom fighter 1 in my pc. UTorrent Internet Download Manager Build 7. PlayStation®3; PC Games. Eidos has made this great PC Game after it had released the older versions which are 1, 2 and 3; all of them were. Freedom Fighters 3 PC Game Full Version Download Freedom fighters 3 is a 3rd person action shooter game developed by the makers of Hitman. It is available for free download in the full version setup for Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8, and gaming consoles.

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