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While last time server takes a backup, as a result the previous backup files will be replaced by the new one. In this article, I show you how to backup windows server step by step. Before we start, you need to plan where and how the backup should perform for e. At the first step, what we need to do is install the Windows Server Backup feature in order to backup the server.

No reboot is needed for this feature installation, hit the Install button, it takes a while, be patient! On the Backup options page, two options are available, choose the Different options. As mentioned before, the Full server backup does a full server backup, by choosing this, you backup everything on the server.

Thus, if you want to create Windows Server incremental backup with “Backup Schedule”, it’s suggested to backup Windows Server to external hard drive. Step 7. Click ” Backup ” on the confirmation page, and wait for the operations ends. It does not support directly backing up files, which is time-consuming and wastes disk space, because you need to backup all the items on the selected volumes.

To get rid of this restriction, you could consider using another server backup software AOMEI Backupper Server to backup files and folders without adding extra items. To backup files in Windows Server , you can use “File Backup” to add specific files or folders you want to backup, saving much time and disk space.

To get started, please download this software and install it on the Windows Server computer. Click ” Add File ” or ” Add Folder ” based on your personal requirements. Step 3. After adding files or folder, you can choose any detected storage device as destination , a local disk, network share, NAS, or even backup files to a cloud. Options : You can write a comment for your current operation to distinguish it from others conveniently when you need it in the future.

You can also compress backup image with normal or high compressional level according to your needs, split a large image file into several smaller image files, etc.

It ensures your backup disk always has enough space to store backup files. Windows Server Backup is a priority backup software for many server computer users, but it makes things complicated. You can only backup files or folders by backing up entire volumes or server, it’s a waste of time and disk space, especially when you want to create a scheduled incremental backup with this software.

Therefore, it’s suggested to use 3rd party server backup software to directly backup files you need. Also, with its useful backup features, you can create Windows Server incremental backup , compress the backup image with normal or high compression level, delete backup files with backup scheme, etc.

Step 8. Now the Backup has been scheduled and Currently, you are on the summary page. Basically, Backup Options are divided into 2 parts of:. This time Instead of full server backup I will select a custom backup.

On the select items for the Backup page, select add an item and add the items that should be backup. Now, you have to specify the destination type where the backup should be saved. As usual, I will select Local Drive. After you setup the destination type, now you are on the Confirmation Page when you are confirmed with all the settings click backup.

Then You have to wait that the Backup Progress should complete. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. How to Windows Server. Share 0.


What is the best standalone backup software for Server ?

This tutorial provides two ways to create a system image backup for Windows Server Just follow the step by step guide to backup. Learn about common backup tasks that you can accomplish by using the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard.

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