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Ends 31 August Xero Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Payroll. Xero Online Learning. Get Course Guide. Enrol Now. Take your Xero skills to the next level. Online Learning. Instant access, start NOW! Xero Course Options. Xero Advanced Online Learning. Xero Bundle Online Learning. Xero Experts. Accounting Software Training experts since Online Tutorials. Amazing Support.

PDF Resources. Sample Tutorial:. Xero Advanced Course content – 34 Tutorials. Xero Setup Chapter Welcome 2. Tracking Expenses Chapter Tracking Expenses. Course Details. You will have 12 months of access to the online tutorials and the Applied Education student portal.

Study online at a pace that suits your personal situation. You can watch the videos and refer to the learning material on the Applied Education platform as often as you need. Course Fees and Payment Plans We understand not everyone has the financial resources upfront to invest in training, so we offer a 9-week payment plan to get you moving faster towards your future.

Total of nine payments. Xero also offers official Xero Certification that is completed via Xero Central Learning We recommend students complete our Xero Learning Bundle before attempting the Certification lessons. Our Xero-Certified Trainers. Brett Thornett Brett has over 20 years experience at the forefront of accounting software training. Accounting Software Training bundles. Fill out the form to receive our inventory guide as a PDF.

Privacy notice. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Home Guides Inventory Tools and guides for your business. Free resources for small businesses. Business planning templates. Business trends report. Tech solutions for small businesses. Xero accounting software. Xero Payroll. Take the stress out of payday. Apps for everything else. Talk to the experts. What is inventory? Types of inventory Inventory comes in many forms.

Inventory management A complete overview of your stock will help your business run smoothly and profitably, so where do you start? Inventory accounting Stock can be a big expense, and a big earner, so it pays to stay on top of the numbers. Inventory management systems You know inventory is vital to a healthy business.

Inventory management software Inventory management software may give you the extra time you need, or the ability to take things to the next level. Download the guide to inventory Learn the strategies and techniques behind successful inventory management. Your email address. What industry are you in?

Select your business type Please choose an option Please choose an option A sole trader A company Other. I’ve read and agreed to the privacy notice:.



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The Dashboard The Bank Automatic Superannuation Manual Journals The purpose of this training manual is to provide business owners and administration staff with knowledge of how to use Xero for the daily administration activities of their business.

It is not intended to provide guidance for lodgement of reports with the ATO. We recommend that you seek professional advice before lodging reports with the ATO. The Dashboard. The dashboard is your home page where you can view basic information about your business at a glance. On the left hand side of the dashboard are bank accounts that you have linked with Xero. There is no limit to the amount of bank accounts that you can have linked with Xero.

Depending on who you bank with, these bank accounts can be set up страница bank feeds to make reconciling easier for you.

Посетить страницу источник the right hand side you can keep an eye on chosen accounts with the Accounts Watchlist, as well as keeping track перейти your bills and invoices.

The Bank. To view transactions recorded in your Xero bank, select the bank you want to look at from your dashboard. You will be able to search all the transactions that have been entered in Xero either manually or during the reconciliation xero payroll training manual pdf.

One of the key features of Xero is its bank feeds. They import transactions from your bank account into Xero usually daily so that you can reconcile your Xero account without having to wait for paper statements from the bank. Each microsoft 64 free bit download jalan tikus office download 2013 will have a different process for activating bank feeds so you will need to follow the prompts given by Xero.

If your bank account does not support Xero bank feeds, you will need to import your bank transaction into Xero each time xero payroll training manual pdf reconcile your Xero account. This requires you to first export the transactions from your bank. Log in to your bank account and view the transactions on your business bank account. Export those transactions from you bank account as an Excel CSV file.

You will then need to tell Xero how it should treat each column of the Excel file i. Note the tick box in xero payroll training manual pdf bottom left corner, and check your Excel file to see if this box needs to be unticked 4.

Xero will microsoft word 2016 for pc 32 bit free это you a preview of how the transaction will appear on the reconciliation page. Down the left hand side of the reconciliation screen are transactions that have been imported from your bank account. Down the right hand side of the screen are your transactions in Xero.

Reconciling xero payroll training manual pdf matching the transactions you have recorded xero payroll training manual pdf Xero with the transactions in your bank account. This is done to xero payroll training manual pdf accurate financial reports and BAS by ensuring that transactions in Xero have not been missed or duplicated, which could under or overestimate Xero reports.

The following screen will appear where you can view the other possible matches and select the bill or invoice that you would like to reconcile.

If for example, a supplier paid two invoices with one transaction, Xero would not be able to match the transaction to an invoice. Посетить страницу would show a blank Create Transaction screen. You xero payroll training manual pdf use these fields to help you search for invoices and bills.

You can then split the invoice so that it will be partially paid. You will need to create a credit note for the amount that was overpaid. Ensure the contact is correct, write a description if you wish to, and save the transaction. Go to your invoices awaiting payment and search by the relevant contact. You will see both the credit note and any unpaid invoices. You can offset these xero payroll training manual pdf each other by either xero payroll training manual pdf the credit note or selecting the invoice.

What: The account from the chart of accounts that you would like to allocate the transaction to. For example, a transaction that is partly business xero payroll training manual pdf partly personal can be apportioned accordingly and allocated to the relevant business account and xero payroll training manual pdf personal drawings account.

While income and expenses can be entered during the reconciliation process, they can also be entered manually as a spend money or receive money, or as an invoice or bill. Bills and invoices will be recorded in the accounts payable or receivable account awaiting payment from the bank account. That transaction may be broken up into the following expenses. Amount AUD: This column will automatically populate based on the quantity and unit price.

Bills and invoices follow the same principles as spend and receive monies, except that they will be paid sometime in the future. The following is an example bill which can record all the same details as a spend money. Xero will xero payroll training manual pdf a PDF as below that can either be printed or emailed directly from Xero. You can edit this template to include your logo and the text that would like to appear in the middle of the invoice.

Your business details will populate automatically from the details you have entered in the Organisation Settings. The description, quantity, and unit price details will xero payroll training manual pdf from the details xero payroll training manual pdf enter when you created the invoice. The highlighted fields below will appear on the invoice PDF, so ensure that the information you would like the посмотреть больше to see appears in these fields. You can also edit the statement template to add your logo and edit the text appearing on the statement.

Settings 4. The display name is the name that will appear in the top left hand corner of Xero as well as xero payroll training manual pdf the invoices that you create. Your ABN will also need to be entered on this page so that it appears on your invoices.

Contact details can also be entered on this page if you want them to appear on your invoices. Your ABN needs to be entered here so that it will appear on your invoices.

Assets: Tangible or intangible items owned or controlled by the business Liabilities: Payment obligations Equity: The owners interest in the business Expenses: Business related purchases Revenue: Income received by the business. The default chart of accounts in Xero will have the codes set up so that the accounts appear in order based on their account type. Name Each account will have a name and a description appearing in the second column.

When creating reports you can order accounts either by name or by code. Hint: A handy feature in Xero is that when you are creating a transaction you can select the account just by typing any part of the account name.

There is no need to memorize each account code or print the chart of accounts for reference. Type This tells you the type of account it is. The account type determines which financial report the account will appear on, ie. The account types that appear in this column are sub-categories of the five main account types.

The GST code can always be manually changed when entering a transaction that is different to the norm. Xero payroll training manual pdf this screen you can input all the information previously explained.

You can also select whether you would like the account balance to appear on the dashboard so you can keep an eye on it. You can also allow employees to allocate expenses to that account if using the Expense Claim feature. You may also enable payments to and from the account, meaning that you can pay a bill from that account rather than paying it from the bank. This is typically used when the owner of the business contributes money to the business.

Instead of creating a manual journal, you can create a bill for the expense and pay the bill from the owners drawings account. If you select bank account the following screen appears.

Xero will then tell you whether bank feeds are generally available xero payroll training manual pdf this bank. This does not have to match the account name that appears on your bank statements. This is the account name that will appear on the Dashboard and in financial reports, just like the account name of all other types of accounts. This is the unique account code that all accounts have as previously explained. Typically a bank account will have a code between 0 — This where you select which currency your bank uses.

This is where you enter your BSB and account number to help with identification of the account. Depending on who you bank with, this information is also necessary to activate bank feeds.

This screen allows you to give the user different levels of access to your Xero account. Enter their name and the email address they will use to log in, and select the levels of access you want them to have. When they receive the email it will contain a link for them to set up their password and log in to Xero.

One of the things you can edit is the text that appears on the invoice. However, xero payroll training manual pdf cannot edit the font or positioning of the text. You can then download all five templates as Word documents and save them to your computer.

Open the template that you want to edit ie. You can then upload the edited Word document back into Xero. To reorder the themes, simply drag them into the order that you want. Drag the themes to reorder them. This theme was created by copying the Standard theme and changing the logo. Your login email address will be the default email address that receives the replies to any emails that you send from Xero. In the email settings you can set a new email address to receive the reply emails. You aquaria pc game also edit the default wording of any emails sent from Xero.

You will also be able to change the wording on each individual email before it is sent if you choose to.


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