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GPL Ghostscript X86 9. VooV Meeting 1. Telegram Desktop 2. Evernote 6. Communicator UnityDesktop 7. Zoho Mail – Desktop x64 1. Zoho Mail – Desktop 1. Paperless XL-Connector 3. Authenticator 6. Azure Cosmos Emulator 2. Azure Storage Explorer. Cato Client 4. Apache Tomcat 9. Cloudya x64 1. Cloudya x86 1. Intel R Driver and Support Assistant. Openvpn connect x Linkus 2. Snagit x64 Snagit Lightshot 5.

Wise Force Deleter 1. Wise Hotkey 1. Microsoft Visio Viewer Lenovo Filez 6. GitAhead x64 2. GitAhead 2. BigAnt 4.

CuteWriter 4. Anki x64 2. Anki 2. XAMPP 7. Plex Media Player 2. NetDrive3 3. Wise System Monitor 1. Steam 2. HubStaff 1. ASAP Utilities 7.

Code42CrashPlan x86 7. Code42CrashPlan x64 7. FortiClientVPN 6. OpenJDK 1. Adobe Connect 9 Add-in Zulu JDK 6 x64 6. Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook. QuiteRSS 0. GMetrixSms6 6. Brackets 1. Berqun 1. CanDigital 4. FreeCommanderXE Attendant Pro 1. Elm Platform. BorderlessGaming 9. SoulseekQt IETester 0. InstEd 1. Egnyte Desktop Sync 9. Simplenote PreReqHandler. HeadSetupPro 3.

Ext2Fsd 0. Office Proofing Tools x64 Office Proofing Tools Veeam Agent Windows 4. Mcafee ransomeware interceptor 0. TeXnicCenter 2. Maxthon 4. VirtualCloneDrive 5. MimioStudioSetup Microsoft Access Runtime Client Center for Configuration Manager x64 1. XMind 8 3. AsperaConnect 3. COMcheck 4. Adobe Digital Editions 4.

GnuPG 2. Cloud Workspace 5. Power Archvier SketchUp Viewer NetBeans MakerBotPrintInstaller 4. AirParrot 2. DiKe GoSign 6. Sangoma Zulu 3. ReadyAPI x64 3. ReadyAPI x32 3. CipherCloud Client Application 6. FastStonePhotoResizer 4. VI MonitorPlus 7. VI MonitorPlus x64 7. DisplayCAL 3. DesktopEditors 5. QGISx86 3. QGISx64 3. Dream Pie 1. Clementine 1. QuickMar CareSuite Client 5. FlashDevelop 5. VidCutter 6. VMware Workstation 14 VMware Player 14 ShadowProtect SPX 6.

MarcEdit 7. DialLog 1. WinGeno 1. YourKit-JavaProfiler Vertica Client 9. Amazon Chime 4. EasyMorph 4. Tomahawk 0. Splash 2. Foxit PhantomPDF 8 8. Input Director 1. ASG-Remote Desktop Website watcher BingAdsEditor NVivo KNIME 4. PowerQuery 2. Microsoft Access runtime Microsoft Access runtime x Certify The Web Setup 4. NxLog-CE 2. Morae Recorder 3. Scratch Desktop Setup 3. Flowdock 1. HeadSetup Pro 3. Delete profile 5. Remote Utilities Host 6. Solstice ClientWin 4. AxCrypt 2. Sublime Text x64 3.

Sublime Text 3. Blue Girffon 3. NAPS 6. Geneious Prime Bluebeam Revu x64 Bluebeam Revu Waterfox x64 FastStone Image Viewer 7. DW Spectrum Client 3. Windows Sysinternals Sysmon x SQLyog Community Sonos Controller Transmission 2.

DiKe 6. Classic Shell 4. Flock 2. NET Framework 4. Silverjuke PotPlayer x64 1. PotPlayer 1. AirSquirrels Reflector Teacher x Appium 1. Logitech Unifying Software 2. FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced SugarSync 3. Autodesk Design Review NET 3.

Malwarebytes 3. LibreCAD 2. AdoptOpenJDK x64 AdoptOpenJDK x86 Advanced IP Scanner 2. Greenshot 1. Archi 4. Free PDF 1. Helix Versioning Engine x64 Helix Versioning Engine Unikey x64 4. Unikey 4. Programmers Notepad 2. Adobe Shockwave Player Terminals 4. Charles 4. VMware Workstation VMware Player DBeaver 6.

Swift 4. MaxTo Free Download Manager x64 5. Free Download Manager 5. MozyHome 2. MozyPro 2. Opera Password Recovery 5. Speccy 1. Druva inSync 5. BOINC 7. MuseScore 2. Vuze 5. Uninstall Non-Microsoft for all Users. Uninstall Microsoft Apps for Current User. Uninstall Microsoft Apps for all Users. Uninstall Default Windows Apps for all Users. EZCast 2. Slack 3. Citrix ShareFile Sync 3. Tableau Reader x64 Bloomberg Professional GetGo Download Manager. Cybereason RansomFree 2. Reflector 3. Media Player Classic Home 1.

Actiontec ScreenBeam Wireless Display 2. Keeper Desktop version Adobe Reader XI DiffPDF 5. Snagit v Ares 2. Spotify 1. Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 x Prerequisite Updates for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 x PhotoFiltre Studio X Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable.

GOM Player 2. ActiveState Komodo Edit Citrix Presentation Server Client Veeam Endpoint Backup 1. MediaInfo 0. SketchUp Make x Adobe Reader X TouchFreeze 1. Zoom Player Solid PDF Creator 9. OpenOffice Password Cracker. Netcam Watcher Remote Control v1. Linphone 3. Google Chrome Frame Desktop Restore version 1. Cisco Spark 2. Autodesk Fusion Maxthon Cloud Browser 5.

SciTE Text Editor 3. Glary Utilities PRO 5. DVDFab Ares 3. AE Broadcast. Forefront TMG Client x TeamExplorer For Visual Studio Windows Internet Explorer 11 – Windows7 x Windows Internet Explorer 11 – Windows R2 x Microsoft Visual C Redistributable x Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft.

NET Framework 3. Microsoft Visio Viewer x Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 9. Windows Management Framework 5. Outlook TimeZone Move. Junk Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Outlook – 64 bit. Junk Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Outlook – 32 bit.

Internet Explorer 8 – 32 bit. Dot-NET framework 3. Microsoft DirectX 9. Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Add-in 3. OpenCmdWindowHere Powertoy. Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5. Microsoft Office Add-in for Moodle. Microsoft Report Viewer Runtime SyncToy 2. Microsoft Active Sync 4. Image Composite Editor 2. Auslogics Registry Defrag. HandBrake 1. Kerio Outlook Connector Offline Edition 9. SketchUp Synology Surveillance Station Client 1. Articulate 1. CloneBD 1.

GlobalMapper Miranda IM 0. PhraseExpress EssentialPIM Pro 7. EssentialPIM 7. Hugin Smart Defrag 5. WinSnap 4. CutePDF Professional 3. WizTree v2. AVG 1. NaturalReader 14 Free. VirusTotal Uploader 2. PenguiNet v2. Firebird 3. VyprVPN 2. NoMachine 5. Typing Master Revo Uninstaller Pro 3. SoundBox version 3.

MultiMon 3. Registrar Registry Manager 8. NetSetMan 4. Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4. CloneSpy 3. AkelPad 4. Parallels 2X RDP bit IsoBuster 3. Disk Drill 2. Qlik Sense Desktop 3. MDSolids 4.

HttpWatch Basic Jing 2. CollabNet Subversion Client 1. Sohodox CPU-Z 1. Sweet Home 3D version 5. InfoSlips ForMe Viewer 5. WhoCrashed 5.

CuteDJ 4. RD Tabs 2. AirMedia 1. Pulseway 4. Softros LAN Messenger 7. Infront 7. Ultra Defragmenter 7. MailStore Server 9. SplashID Safe 8. AppGate Client RollBack Rx XMind 8. Kaspersky Password Manager 8.

Mall Manager V7 7. ScrewDrivers Client v4 4. Sublime Text Build x Keynote Internet Testing Environment Tekla BIMsight x64 1. Tekla BIMsight 1. Netop Remote Control Host Webroot SecureAnywhere 9.

Smart Agent 4. Pertino 2. BDAntiRansomware 1. URP: Changed process to stripping shader variants per renderer feature instead of combined renderer features. URP: Changed the opaque pass depth to be copied instead of scheduling a depth prepass when MSAA is enabled and a depth texture is required. Note that there are no guarantees for the exact content of the render target, so projects should only use “Dont care” if they are guaranteed to render to, or otherwise write every pixel every frame.

Issues upgrading See the upgrade guide for compatibility options and how assets are upgraded. Version Control: Improved usage analytics around Editor and Plugin version. Made workspace migration adjustments. Virtual Texturing: Updated PopRequests to allow the destination list to have a different size than the texture stack’s maxActiveRequests value. GetPhysicsShape, Sprite. OverridePhysicsShape and Sprite. OverrideGeometry Alloc when Tilemap.

AI: Fixed a crash when exiting play mode while a NavMesh asynchronous update call is being scheduled. AI: Fixed crashes from building from meshes larger than the allowed size threshold. Android: Added a new AndroidDevice. This is helpful if an app needs to run Chrome OS-specific code. Android: Added fullscreen flag to manifest to better handle static splash screen. Android: Clamp Android minimum bundle version to greater than 0 Android: Fix high memory usage for textures when uploading textures at runtime using Vulkan Android: Fix rendering errors when trying to use Particle Systems with instancing on devices that don’t support it Android: Fixed Android build failures due to unsupported manifest features when targeting API 23 or below.

GetData being ignored when using Vulkan. Android: Fixed crash when using R16 UNorm and similar formats with Vulkan on devices that don’t support it. Android: Fixed Patch not working on some newer Android devices due to permission issue. Android: Fixed screen safe area values at startup. Android: Fixed shader compile error when signed bitfieldExtract is generated for ES 3. Android: Il2cpp resources will be extracted during player launch only when needed, for ex.

Previously they would be extracted each time you make a new build from Unity. SetData Android: Resolved an issue that prevented features such as tessellation and geometry shaders from being marked as supported on Android devices whose driver supports OpenGL ES 3. Android: Updated Kotlin version to fix potential compatibility problems in Android Studio.

Animation: 1D BlendTree’s threshold values were draggable when not the hot control. Animation: Added a tooltip for the auto live link button in the animator window. Animation: Added option to set the single layer optimization for AnimationLayerMixerPlayable that is enable by default in previous version.

Animation: Fixed a bug where the. Animation: Fixed a bug where the parameters list being previewed would not display in the inspector window. Animation: Fixed an issue when trying to record elements from array where the index elements were 2 or 4. Animation: Fixed an issue where an animation playable events would still fire while it was paused.

Animation: Fixed an issue where the application would crash if modifying the graph while being traversed. Animation: Fixed an issue where the checkbox wouldn’t align properly with its label in the transition list.

Animation: Fixed an issue where the destination state would indicate INVALID instead of the known destination state in the transition list of the inspector window.

Animation: Fixed an issue where the slider of the animation window would go into the hierarchy part of the window when the animation window was too small width wise Animation: Fixed an issue where the stabilize feet would not get saved upon entering playmode.

Animation: Fixed an issue where the transition to a base layer state machine would be invisible Animation: Fixed an issue where the transition would automatically disappear if made from a lower layer state machine to an upper layer one.

Animation: Fixed an issue where the Vector property of the material component would not have a blue tint to highlight it was being animated when in preview mode.

Animation: Fixed an issue where warnings would appear while typing the first numbers of the time in blend tree before confirming the value. Animation: Fixed animation events to fire correctly when overriding the loop in a AnimationClipPlayable. Animation: Fixed animation transition preview playback marker to update correctly when window is floating and animation is paused.

Animation: Fixed Animator MatchTarget to work correctly with longer time. Animation: Fixed BlendTree graph where nodes switch positon when play is pressed.

Animation: Fixed edge highlighting logic with livelink in mecanim with edge cases involving Any State and Entry nodes. Animation: Fixed for disappearing Animator State Machine information. Animation: Fixed GetLayerWeight function in Animator to always return 1 if getting the base layer weight.

Animation: Fixed human pose offset in Animation C Job when root node is scaled. Animation: Fixed human pose with missing bones shifting when used in an Animation C Job. Animation: Fixed ScaleConstraint on child with parent having a nulled scaled axis. Animation: Fixed slow performance depend on the first selected. Animation: Fixing an issue where an Animator with Animate Physics ON would apply physics to every transform except the root transform Animation: Removed invalid error messages and display correct inspector when viewing a state with invalid StateMachineBehaviours.

Animation: Removed multi edit on animator override controller Animation: Stop animation preview when exiting edit mode with Play Mode with Reload Domain disabled to prevent accessing destroyed object. Animation: Updated documentation of playable to document feature of auto adding new port Asset Bundles: AssetBundle. Unload waits for all asset bundle async operations to be completed before proceeding. Asset Bundles: Fixed error being logged when accessing an archive file that was modified while it was still opened.

Asset Bundles: Fixed issue where Caching. IsVersionCached returns false when loading a previously cached bundle. Asset Bundles: Fixed issue where loading an asset from a bundle asynchronously while loading a texture synchronously causes a deadlock on the main thread.

Asset Import: Changing player settings Graphics APIs while editor is in Android platform no longer reimports all textures, video clips or fonts. Asset Import: Editing the animation clip directly from the sub-asset on first import is no longer broken. Asset Import: Fixed missing normal property values from materials imported from 3DsMax ‘s Physical materials. Asset Import: GatherDependenciesFromSourceFile declared in parent classes is now properly called from derived classes.

Asset Import: ModelImporter now only renames sibling nodes with duplicate names. Asset Import: New flag to allow rigs with different topologies to be swapped. Asset Import: Only call frame rate errors when animations are imported. Asset Import: SearchAndRemap now functions as expected in packages. Asset Import: Switching Texture Importer tabs does not dirty the importer. Asset Pipeline: All domain reloads are now done inside asset db.

This fixes problem with reloading of asset objects when doing manual refresh. Asset Pipeline: Asset loading is safe in this callback. Asset Pipeline: Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a project with a meta file conflict.

Asset Pipeline: Fixed a very rare bug causing directory monitor not pick up all the changes that happened before a Refresh. Asset Pipeline: Fixed an assert when fetching previews for assets in AssetBundles. Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where a scene could become corrupt if renamed to match the name of a recently deleted scene. Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where AssetDatabase.

SaveAssetIfDirty wouldn’t save the asset if a sub-object was dirty, but the main object wasn’t. Asset Pipeline: Fixed issue with asset reference getting lost, if asset is modified and domain reload is done in the same refresh.

Asset Pipeline: Fixed issue with missing domain reload when entering play mode and LockReloadAssemblies is set. Asset Pipeline: Fixed missing automatic scale down or import workers in order to not use excess system resources. Asset Pipeline: Fixed the progress bar being full during the import of assets. Asset Pipeline: Fixed to script type dependency hash generation. The issues could cause unnecessary imports and in some cases missing reimports. Asset Pipeline: Fixed various issues relating to assets not being correctly unloaded during AssetDatabase.

Asset Pipeline: Improved performance of flushing the preload operation queue from the main thread. This can occur when accessing an operation’s result on the main thread before it is completed.

Asset Pipeline: InitializeOnLoad method shouldn’t be used for asset operations, because InitializeOnLoad is called before asset importing is completed.

This callback should be used for domain reload related initialization that requires asset operations such as asset loading. InitializeOnLoad method shouldn’t be used for asset operations, because InitializeOnLoad is called before asset importing is completed. Asset Pipeline: Preview of material is now correctly regenerated when shader changes Asset Pipeline: Previews are now correct for a prefeab when assets referenced by the prefab like texture changes Asset Pipeline: Using the AssetDatabase.

Audio: Fixed editor crash when undoing after reordering snapshots in the audio mixer. Fixed exception when deleting snapshots.

Audio: Fixed microphone API not working when automatic output device suspension was active. Audio: SoundManager optimizations for lowering main thread performance degradations caused by having a large amount of loaded audio clips in a scene.

Bug Reporter: Fixed a bug where the crash reporting symbol uploader process would crash on parsing certain dSYM files. Bug Reporter: Improved failing filename error message to make it reflect the source of the problem better. Build Pipeline: Errors from catastrophically failing incremental build pipeline steps are now clearer. Build Pipeline: Fixed a bug where data builds would unnecessarily rerun in incremental player builds if the project contained editor resources.

Build Pipeline: Fixed a bug where UnityLinker would unnecessarily rerun without changes in incremental player builds. Build System: Fixed a problem with the detection of Microsoft.

Burst: clang segmentation fault on iOS when member function debug information was emitted, it is disabled for this platform now. Burst: Clang segmentation fault on iOS when member function debug information was emitted, it is disabled for this platform now.

Burst: Direct Call extension methods that only differ on argument types are now supported previously Burst’s AssemblyLoader would complain about multiple matches. Burst: Dots runtime function pointer transform has been simplified, making it less brittle and fixing some bad IL generation.

Burst: Fixed a bug that occurred when an explicitly laid out struct was used by a dup instruction, which caused an internal compiler error. Burst: Fixed a bug where eager-compilation could pick up out-of-date global Burst menu options for compiling. Burst: Fixed a bug where explicitly casting from an int to IntPtr would not sign extend the value.

Burst: Fixed a bug where having any [DllImport] in a class that used the Direct Call mechanism could result in an illegal CompileFunctionPointer call being produced by our post processor.

Burst: Fixed a bug where if a user had defined multiple implicit or explicit casts, the compiler could resolve to the wrong cast. Burst: Fixed a bug where loading from a vector within a struct, that was got from a NativeArray using an indexer, would cause the compiler to crash.

Burst: Fixed a bug where the Burst post-processing for direct call would cause duplicate function pointers to be compiled, wasting compile time in the editor and caused an Editor launch stall.

Burst: Fixed a bug where the multi-CPU dispatcher used for player builds targetting multiple CPU architectures could end up generating invalid instructions. Burst: Fixed a bug where the progress bar would report double the amount of pending compile jobs if a user changed the Burst options while background compilation was going on. Burst: Fixed a bug whereby sometimes some LLVM intrinsics could be incorrectly marked as unused causing invalid codegen with calls to math. Burst: Fixed a minor debug information bug where built-in types with methods like System.

Int32 would generate incorrect debug information. Burst: Fixed a regression where managed static fields, in static constructors that would also be compiled with Burst, could cause a compile time failure for mixing managed and unmanaged state. Burst: Fixed a very obscure bug where if you had a function-pointer that was called from another function-pointer of job, and that function-pointer happened to be compiled in a player build in the same bucket as the caller, and the no-alias cloning analysis identified that it could clone the original function-pointer to enable more aliasing optimizations, it could create a duplicate symbol error.

Burst: Fixed an issue where Burst would erroneously error on BurstCompile. Burst: Fixed an issue where if a user used a math function like cos , sin , etc then LLVM would preserve both the scalar and vector implementations even if they were trivially dead, causing us to inject otherwise dead functions into the resulting binary.

Burst: Fixed Burst’s handling of stack-recovery, in the editor, on Apple Silicon hardware. Burst: Fixed the 1. Burst: Function calls using in modifiers on blittable structs where being treated as non blittable. Burst: IL Function Pointer Invoke Transformation updated to handle transforms that affect instructions that are the destination of a branch.

Burst: Made math. Burst: When generating Line Table only debug information, an unreachable could occur due to a missing check. Core: Fixed bug where shadows disappear in the frustum corners from false positives in the shadow culling.

Core: Fixed bug with shadow fade where the shadows will be culled with a hard line across the fade and also stretches the fade beyond the projected shadow. Fix incorrect syntax in command line reference DS DX Fix int shader uniforms in.

The format is supported. Editor: A warning is now displayed when modifying the enable analytics preference, informing the user that it will require a restart of the editor. Editor: Added support for dragging across delayed UI fields to change variables.

Editor: Added tooltips in the Scene template Inspector. Editor: Allow hierarchy search to find scripts which share names of internal types. Editor: Allow multiple Unity versions to display in the “Open With Allow the user to choose one as the default. Editor: Close add ratio window after selecting from aspect ratio menu. Editor: ColorUsageAttribute is now respected when the inspector window is in debug mode.

Editor: Custom editors that live in a Unity package will now be used only is a user defined custom editor is not found. Editor: Display the menu item name when its execution time is longer than the user wait threshold i.

Editor: Displayed a warning when the min and max values are equal for the Slider. Editor: enable tabbing in the editor while modifier keys are pressed excluding command, control, and alt Editor: Event.

Mouse in the mac editor Editor: Fix arrow key functionality in dialogs in the Mac Editor. Editor: Fix for detecting and warning the user on imbalanced GUI layout groups Editor: Fix popup windows in the Linux Editor to show on the right-hand monitor if requested from the right-hand monitor Editor: Fixed “Cannot get non-existing progress id” error appearing in the Console when entering Play mode.

Editor: Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Memory Profiler to capture memory use for very large scenes. Editor: Fixed a regression in where users could no longer assign a Render Texture to the light cookie widget in the UI. Editor: Fixed an edge case where removing and re-adding a sub asset would cause the local file id of the object to change unnecessarily. Editor: Fixed an error is thrown after re-building a library of previous Editor version project when the Profiler of Editor: Fixed an issue in macOS where popup buttons would show their popup far from the button if the button was near the bottom of the screen.

RectIntField fields compared to other fields in the Transform section. Editor: Fixed an issue to avoid typing or pasting unlimited characters in Project and Console search fields.

Editor: Fixed an issue to avoid warning log when selected sub-asset with an empty name. Editor: Fixed an issue to display checkmark next to “Everything” in drop-down for “Culling Mask” property value Editor: Fixed an issue to display proper LayerMask properties value on selection. Editor: Fixed an issue to display Rect Transform Anchors in Scene View, with multiple Inspector windows open and when firstly opened one has been locked.

Editor: Fixed an issue to enable cut and copy in context when Array Size field is selected. Editor: Fixed an issue to stop clearing Asset’s name property when resetting it via the Inspector.

Editor: Fixed an issue where Default Text preset is not applied when creating a new Text object. Editor: Fixed an issue where null reference exceptions can be thrown when opening a URP project. Editor: Fixed an issue where out argument out of range exceptions are thrown when deleting Japanese characters in the input field.

Editor: Fixed an issue where Shift-Delete does not delete the property for Object field. Editor: Fixed an issue where the Assembly definition asset does not save after an apply action on import setting pop up. Editor: Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor over the text field’s cancel button is displayed as text instead of arrow and the cursor flickers when mouse is hovered over the cancel button.

Editor: Fixed an issue where warnings are thrown in the console when the layout is set to default while in play mode. Editor: Fixed an issue where Window title tooltip does not disappear after closing Editor window. Editor: Fixed and issue with toolbar dropdown buttons while resizing editor window on OSX. Editor: Fixed assets not getting moved when there’s a folder of the same name in the selection. Editor: Fixed color picker keeps updating color preview when the EyeDropper is used and Esc key is pressed.

Editor: Fixed console window fails to repaint unless hovered over if it had been maximized before. Editor: Fixed crash when adding a component to an object fails and prompts a modal dialog.

Editor: Fixed cursor flickering from double arrow to single arrow over splitter on Mac and Windows. Editor: Fixed cursor locking on Windows when the cursor is on a non-primary display. Editor: Fixed debug assert message in MenuControllerLinux. Editor: Fixed dragging horizontally along the last sibling in the Hierachy and other TreeViews to specify an alternative parent and sibling for the dragged items.

Editor: Fixed error is thrown on performing undo operation on a gameobject after adding ‘New Script’ component.

Editor: Fixed failure to load window layout when Editor tries to create new asset from SettingsProvider callback at startup. Editor: Fixed gameview not responding to some input when the mouse is over another window in the macOS editor. Editor: Fixed incorrect bounds when LineRenderer GameObject was not enabled and point editing mode was activated. Editor: Fixed jumping scroll-bar when working with arrays.

Editor: Fixed Scene’s Hierarchy visibility and pickability settings being reset after building. Editor: Fixed settings move erratically when the setting you are looking for is located in another platform’s tab. Editor: Fixed slow enter playmode time for a specific scene file that contained sequential File ID Hint values.

Editor: Fixed some styling issues with the main editor toolbar Editor: Fixed the background color of toolbar dropdowns when hovered and pressed Editor: Fixed the behavior where anchor preset window remains open even after a double click. Editor: Fixed the editor trying to move an already moved file after dragging a component from the Inspector to the Project Window.

Editor: Fixed the GUI error in the console when a media file is opened. Editor: Fixed the issue where old window was not loosing focus after clicking on a mini pop-up of new window and further new window also gets focus. Editor: Fixed the issue with missing tooltip for Editor tools button. Editor: Fixed the issue with the Blue highlight being misaligned for the Cooking options dropdown in Mesh Collider.

Editor: Fixed the path to the scene template icon when querying icon from template path. Editor: Fixed the Recent Scenes menu not being updated after saving via Save As and moved scenes not being correctly tracked. Editor: Fixed undo on the Advanced Object Selector using the Search Picker not reverting the object field to its original value. Editor: Initializing the static Progress class from a thread no longer throws exceptions. Editor: Limited the length of the error messages in the UserRetryDialogs to not more than characters per line.

Editor: Menu Bar doesn’t flicker anymore when dragging across monitors. Editor: No more exception thrown in the console when inputting unsupported text in the Project Browser search bar. Editor: Pausing playmode in the macOS Editor will no longer keep keys released in pause mode in the pressed position when playmode is unpaused.

Editor: Prevent crash when running editor with Mac system debug menu enabled through defaults. Editor: Prevent popup windows from closing in the Linux Editor when child popups are not yet focused Editor: Refactoring to make placing windows in the Mac editor more robust and ensure windows are opened on one screen.

Editor: Release mouse if it is dragging when a dialog is opened in the windows editor. Editor: Resolved Prefab object selection performance issue. Editor: Set gdk cursor invisible when forcing software cursor in editor playmode Editor: Show disable index in the index manager.

Editor: support Hungarian and other unicode characters in editor Editor: The arrow cursor in the Linux Editor is no longer slightly offset. Editor: The background task window is no longer repositioned and resized when opened from the status bar. GetScenesAt in Play mode. Editor: The Object Picker has a maximum number of items it shows. Now showing a note to narrow the search if more than hits are shown.

Editor: The progress bar in the status bar no longer gets stuck in an empty state. The progress bar in the status bar no longer shows instantaneous progresses.

Editor: The Unity Documentation shortcut is no longer installed to the Windows start menu if documentation is not installed. Editor: Transform rotations from asset bundles are now correctly shown in the inspector.

Editor: Updated the style of some buttons and button groups when hovered, pressed and focused Editor: While Editor is entering Play Mode clicking menu doesn’t return wrong entry anymore.

GI: Fix clearing of lighting data for duplicate scenes saved with the “Save As” option. GI: Fix issue with experimental lightmapping. BakeAsync Scene interface getting stuck when baking reflection probes in additively opened scenes in the Editor. GI: Fix Reflection probe gizmo and texture inspector appearance in linear color space mode. GI: Fixed an issue where sometimes the callstack in Editor.

GI: Fixed an issue where the GPU lightmapper seems to be stuck in an endless loop before finishing a bake. GI: Fixed baked lighting on terrain holes and better performance. GI: Fixed changes in lighting settings or lightmap parameters not affecting the appearance of baked reflection probes when baking via “Generate Lighting” in the lighting tab. GI: Fixed crash when closing editor while generating lighting. GI: Fixed light baking gets stuck in a infinite loop when unloading a light baked scene if you have another scene open.

GI: Fixed prefab instances losing their lighting when they are unpacked, and the scene is reloaded. GI: Fixed rare crash when entering play mode while running a GI lightbake. GI: Fixed scene lighting data not getting updated when the selected Lighting Data Asset for the scene is changed.

GI: Improved error logging when reporting errors relating to UV unwraps during a lightmap bake. Some other improvements on memory consumption and baking speed on the GPU light mapper when the user is not activating some baking features. GI: Make it possible for the job manager to shut down the editor even if the OpenCL driver stopped working.

GI: Reenabling a disabled light, reflection probe, or light probe group now makes it immediately visible in the Light Explorer. GI: Reimport all lightmap textures when “Lightmap Encoding” project setting is changed. GI: Removed terrain trees from being drawn in the shadowmask scene visualization mode as background objects as they do not receive a shadowmask, anyway.

GI: Removed the Unity process count check that is used to guard the GI Cache from getting trimmed by other Editors, as the asset import workers are counted as Editors. GI: Support high intensity skyboxes for baking.

GI: Use shadow penumbra to sort lights with penumbra by in the GPU lightmapper instead of indirect color. Graphics: Add control to independently clear stencil buffer in CommandBuffer api. Clearing depth does not implicitly clear stencil anymore. Graphics: Added check for Vulkan support in Unity player.

Graphics: Added GetActiveTerrains method which will fill a user-provided List with the active terrains, allowing users to control the resulting allocation.

Graphics: Added per-camera freeUnusedRenderResources control to allow preservation of cameradata for infrequently-updated cameras. This prevents performance spikes that occur due to recreation of cameras that are guaranteed to be updated eventually, but at a frequency lower than once every frames.

Graphics: Added support for having multiple different Renderers on the same Game Object when using ray tracing. Graphics: Disable Motion Vectors pass in Output Meshes even when other output has motion vectors enabled Graphics: Disabled “create material” button in terrain inspector when viewed through a preset. Graphics: Fix shadow normal bias slider getting clamped at 3. Graphics: Fixed a bug with Cubemap. GetPixel CubemapFace face, int x, int y not passing its parameters correctly.

Return an error in the Console when this happens. Accidentally creating a 16 bit texture was causing gpus not supporting them to fail. Graphics: Fixed a regression where calling the the Texture2D. Resize method with a Texture format parameter caused the underlying GraphicsFormat to flip color spaces on each call. Graphics: Fixed an issue with ReadPixels over 3 API’s, where the first slice would always be returned instead of the specified depth slice. The bug was being caused by the active cubemap face only being used, the fix checks whether it should use the active depth slice or cubemap face.

Graphics: Fixed and issue where scene view filtering would now work properly for SRP’s. Graphics: Fixed another recently added internal bug where when the shader debug level in Switch player editor settings is changed, the shaders were not corectly rebuilt. Graphics: Fixed bug where ComputeShader. Graphics: Fixed crash when a compute shader does not compile when using OpenGL. RequestIntoNativeArray with a temp allocated array. Graphics: Fixed crash when calling GetPixelData with invalid arguments.

Graphics: Fixed crash when executing CommandBuffer. DrawProcedural and some other functions that refer to an already deleted ComputeBuffer or GraphicsBuffer.

Graphics: Fixed disappearing mesh when “Keep Quads” is enabled in import settings. Graphics: Fixed empty RenderTexture. ResolveAA debug marker appearing in Frame Debugger and other frame capture tools on mobile platforms. Graphics: Fixed explicit half precision not working even when Unified Shader Precision Model is enabled. Graphics: Fixed incorrect warning in when creating a texture from script with a compressed format that is not supported on the Editor platform. Graphics: Fixed issue displaying a warning of different probe reference volume profiles even when they are equivalent.

Graphics: Fixed layered rendering and validation errors with 3D Textures when using Vulkan. Graphics: Fixed Lens Flare position for celestial at very far camera distances.

It now locks correctly into the celestial position regardless of camera distance. Graphics: Fixed Light Probe evaluation in ray tracing shaders resulting in wrong ambient colors.

Graphics: Fixed memory leak when changing SRP pipeline settings, and having the player in pause mode. Graphics: Fixed normal bias field of reference volume being wrong until the profile UI was displayed. Graphics: Fixed performance regression when changing Mesh vertices or indices. Graphics: Fixed random crash when reloading VFX under special circumstances. Graphics: Fixed regression where RenderTextureDescriptor. None when setting the properties to 24 or 32 bit.

Graphics: Fixed rotation issue now all flare rotate on positive direction. Graphics: Fixed ScriptableRenderContext. ExecuteCommandBuffer crashing when called with a disposed command buffer Graphics: Fixed selection of sRGB format for rendertextures inspector. Graphics: Fixed situation where Hybrid Renderer could throw errors because of invalid reflection data. Graphics: Fixed static batching bug related to rendering layer mask.

Graphics: Fixed SystemInfo. Graphics: Fixed Texture resource state that can be incorrect when the destination texture of Graphics. Graphics: Fixed Texture2D. GetPixel int x, int y, int miplevel internally passing the miplevel parameter incorrectly. Graphics: Fixed TextureGenerator. GenerateTexture throws null pointer exception when running with enablePostProcessor to true.

Graphics: Fixed the documentation of CommandBuffer. Graphics: Fixed the location of the “Shader Graph” asset create menu to be next to the “Shader” menu. Graphics: Fixed to RenderTexture. Depth and RenderTextureFormat. Graphics: fixed Unwrap crash when automatic margin calculation results in very small margin Graphics: Fixed various issues wrt uploading Virtual texturing tiles when using non-native texture formats. Graphics: Fixing bug were a very strong emissive could leak if placed behind a canvas surface in the scene.

Graphics: Force reload of VFX graph compute shaders when reloading assembly. A number of bugs were fixed that could crash unity. Graphics: GUIView. GrabPixels on Metal will now fill the RenderTexture with valid content Graphics: Make metal query max tessellation factor from the driver instead of clamping to 16 always.

Graphics: Metal shaders will compile correctly when referencing tessellation factors in the domain shader. This was the result of a bad configuration.

This change does not break API. Graphics: Partially fix limitation of sending only one event per frame : the direct link supports multiple event sent within the same frame. Graphics: Pause VFX when frame debugger is enabled.

Graphics: Properly handle terrain pixel error calculations for orthographic cameras. Graphics: Provided an appropriate API to update builtin reflection probes internal data. Graphics: Put objects with negative scale into separate static batch. This makes normal maps display correctly on those objects.

Graphics: Removed the unneeded data copy of the initialised memory to video memory when creating a texture from script. Graphics: RenderTextures are no longer forced to use Clamp border sampling if a format with depth is used. SumatraPDF x64 3. SumatraPDF 3. Logtalk 3. Bitwarden MongoDB Compass 1. RealPopup Cisco Jabber DBeaver x64 AutoHotkey 1. Rocket Chat 3. Honeyview 5. Graylog Sidecar 1. FileZilla Client x64 3. FileZilla Client 3. WeChat 3. XnView 2. Puppet Agent x64 7.

Puppet Agent 7. DeepL for MAC 3. LibreOffice for Mac 7. Mp3tag 3. BowPad 2. Audacity 3. Audacity x64 3. PuTTY x64 0. PuTTY 0. Password Safe for Windows x64 3. Password Safe for Windows 3. Open-Shell 4. Box for Office 4. Java 8 Update 8. Java 8 Update bit 8. Apple iTunes X64 Apple iTunes Qalculate x64 4. Qalculate 4. Puppet Development Kit 2. MediaMonkey 5. Listary 6. Lifesize Installer 2. Git LFS 3. Everything x64 1.

Everything msi x64 1. Everything msi 1. Everything 1. Mersive Solstice 5. VMware Tools x64 VMware Tools RingCentral for Outlook GlassWire 2. DbVisualizer x64 Asana for MAC 1.

RingCentral Phone DingTalk 6. Simple Sticky Notes 5. Hugin x64 Perimeter 81 8. NXLog-CE 3. Hamachi 2. Caffeine for MAC 1. AnyDesk for MAC 6. Citrix Files Red Notebook 2. Iridium Browser x64 Iridium Browser Vagrant x64 2. Vagrant 2. LibreOffice Help Pack x64 7. LibreOffice Help Pack 7. LibreOffice x64 7. LibreOffice 7. Keepass 2. Anaconda3 x64 Anaconda 3 Amazon Chime for MAC 4. Sticky Password For Mac 8. TagScanner x64 6.

TagScanner 6. Doxygen 1. LsAgent Box Tools 4. Box Drive x64 2. TurboVNC x64 3. Open Office 4. Java SE Development Kit 17 Crestron AirMedia 4. XnViewMP x64 1.

XnViewMP 1. TurboVNC 3. FrostWire 6. Bandicut 3. West Wind WebSurge 2. X-Mouse Button Control 2. Bluebeam Revu X64 Bluebeam Revu eXtreme Axure RP Keepass 1. OpenJDK 11 Tableau Reader WinMerge 2. Synology Drive Client 3. Krita x64 5. GoToMeeting Syncplicity 6. Tableau Prep Builder Uninstall. Zulu JRE 8 x64 8.

Zulu JRE 8 8. Zulu JDK 8 x64 8. Zulu JDK 8 8. Zulu JDK 7 x64 7. Zulu JDK 7 7. Zulu JDK 11 x64 Sticky Password 8. Qemu x64 7. Qemu 7. Paralells Client x64 Paralells Client NVS 1. Netpas MMA 1. AirServer Universal 7. PowerToys 0. Belgium eID Middleware 5. WickrMe 5.

VLC Media Player 3. Oracle VM VirtualBox 6. Amazon Corretto JRE 8 x64 8. Amazon Corretto 8 x64 8. Amazon Corretto 8 8. Amazon Corretto 17 Amazon Corretto 11 x86 Amazon Corretto 11 x64 NFOPad 1.

ConEmu x64 ConEmu WickrPro 5. Inno Setup 6. Dell Command Configure 4. Cliq x64 1. Cliq 1. TortoiseSVN X64 1.

TortoiseSVN 1. HeidiSQL VMware Horizon Client 8 8. Amazon Kindle for MAC 1. Pritunl 1. FSLogix Apps x64 2. KeePassXC x64 2. FSLogix Apps x86 2. PingID 1. Pandoc 2. FTPGetter Standard 5. Lenovo System Update 5. Dell Command Update 4. Blue Jeans Outlook addins 4. Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook x64 9. Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook x Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook 9. Wise Memory Optimizer 4.

Splashtop Streamer 3. OBS Studio x64 OBS Studio Poll Everywhere 3. BlueJ 5. GoCD Agent HyperSnap 8 x64 8. HyperSnap 8 8. JavaEditor x64 JavaEditor OpenVPN Connect 3. OpenVPN Connect x64 3. Winzip x64 Winzip Microsoft OpenJDK TextExpander Tailscale 1. IrfanView bit 4.

IrfanView 4. UltraVNC x64 1. UltraVNC 1. Beyond Compare 4. VMware Workstation 16 VMware Horizon Client 5. Skype for Business for Mac Bitrix24 MSI Barracuda Network Access Client 5. TED Notepad 6. Plantronics Hub 3. Oxygen XML Editor x64 Oxygen XML Editor Oxygen XML Developer x64 Oxygen XML Developer LiClipse 8. Google Earth 7. FileCloudDrive Authy Desktop x64 2. Authy Desktop 2. WinRAR 6. WinRAR x64 6. Viber for MAC LAVFilters 0.

Abstract for MAC TeXworks 0. Company Portal for MAC 5. Scratch 3. Airdroid 3. Microsoft Teams for MAC 1. GanttProject 3. LogMeIn Client 1. LogMeIn 4. Box Drive 2. Araxis Merge Zoho WorkDrive 2. IZArc 4. Update for SeaMonkey For Mac 2. SourceTree 3. TortoiseGit x64 2. TortoiseGit 2. Grammarly 1. DU Meter 8. Notion for MAC Silicon 2. Notion for MAC Intel 2. Parsec for MAC 2. PhpStorm WebStorm Mumble 1.

Multi Commander x64 Multi Commander Box Sync 4. Druva inSync Cloud 7. Brackets 2. Freemake Video Converter 4. Azure Information Protection unified labeling client 2. Azure Information Protection unified labeling client. BlueJeans for MAC 2. HandBrake for Mac 1. SQLyog Community x64 HandBrake x64 1. Postman win Dell SupportAssist Enterprise 2. FileCloudSync exe YubiKey Manager 1. WireGuard x64 0. WireGuard 0. NCPA 2. DAX Studio 2.

XnConvert x64 1. XnConvert 1. Tray status 4. LogFusion 6. Serviio 2. Polycom RealPresence Desktop 3. WinUtilities Free Edition Perimeter 81 for MAC 7. Ringcentral Rooms RingCentral Meetings Rooms Tunnelblick for MAC 3.

Image Resizer for Windows 3. TreeSize Free 4. Google Credential Provider for Windows x64 Google Credential Provider for Windows x Google Credential Provider for Windows Allway Sync x64 Allway Sync Autodesk desktop connector Latest. WinMerge x86 2. LastPass Latest. Cloud Drive Mapper 2. FastStone Capture. BleachBit 4. AirSquirrels Reflector x64 4. AirSquirrels Reflector 4.

VSee for MAC 4. Zoho Notebook x Zoho Notebook. Camtasia Google Drive for MAC Cisco Proximity for MAC 4. Veeam Agent For Windows 5. IcedTea-Web 1. Fiddler Everywhere RingCentral For Mac Google Apps Sync Latest x Simplenote 2. PyScripter x64 4. PyScripter 4. Cisco Webex for Mac Apple M1 chip Cisco Webex for Mac Intel chip Metabase for MAC 0. Amazon Corretto 17 x Output Messenger Server x Output Messenger Server.

Output Messenger Client x64 Latest. Output Messenger Client Latest. TortoiseHG x64 5. Geany 1. Cyberduck 7. Mozilla Firefox ESR x64 Mozilla Firefox ESR FileCloudSync msi MyPhoneExplorer 1. Git Extensions 3. Duo Authentication for Windows Logon 4. ZoomRooms for MAC 5. SketchUp Pro x TightVNC X64 2. TightVNC 2. OpenShot x64 2.

OpenShot 2. Evernote for MAC Viscosity for MAC 1. Mozilla Thunderbird x64 Mozilla Thunderbird KNIME x64 4. PathCopy Snagit for Mac MaxTo Machine-Wide Installer 2. Icinga 2 x64 2. Icinga 2 2. Advanced Renamer 3. AtomSetup x64 1. AtomSetup 1. RingCentral latest x MaX UC. MobaXterm SonicWall NetExtender Wise JetSearch 4. Google Earth Pro x64 7. Google Earth Pro 7. Box Tools for MAC 4. AstroGrep 4. Fiddler Classic.

WhatsApp x64 Latest. WhatsApp Latest.


Sketchup pro 2019.2 release notes free. SketchUp Community


If you are installing SU Podium V2. If you do need to uninstall SU Podium, read about uninstalling here. SU Podium V2. System requirements for SU Podium V2. Windows 7, 8, 10 — SketchUp , , , or Mac — SU Podium V2. Read more about the V2. If you are upgrading to SU Podium V2. RBZ versions. The below install files are.

I did download the. No new features appeared, though. Yes, I downloaded and installed and restarted the computer afterward. But alll that seems to do is reinstall SU version None of the changes touted for version 2. Now I have 2 SU folders in Applications. The latest install still gives me the old version of SU Pro, with none of the updates.

Still v. If the previously selected tool is not paint-capable, then the user is switched to the default Paintbrush tool. Version Control: Added a new Editor setting Overwrite Failed Checkout Assets which you can disable to prevent Unity from overwriting files that can’t be checked out. Android: Fixed an issue that caused the build to fail when setting a keystore name from script.

Animation: Fixed an issue where the Animator would keep references to temporary strings when using ADBv2.

Asset Import: Fixed an issue where updating the existing AnimationClip import setting would lose any references to the clip and import it as a new clip. Asset Import: Fixed editor crash while importing a model with bad mesh data which has 0 triangle.

Asset Pipeline: Fix race condition crash when loading asset bundles from managed streams. Build Pipeline: Fixed sprite sheets in asset bundles built by scriptable build pipeline crash on access. DX Make sure we draw the light probe visualization only if we are inside a frame. Editor: Fixed display of blendshapes count when count is 1 in model preview. Editor: Fixed the position of the drag area of the preview resizer depending on whether the target preview is in an img container.

Linux: Vuforia link is now hidden in the Linux Editor for Linux. Profiler: Fix [Profiler] “Requested frame does not exists” exception thrown on clearing data while looking at UI Module , Scene Management: Fix reverting object override not working on Prefab instance inside Prefab Asset and throwing errors.

Scene Management: Prevent removing or altering components on immutable Prefab Assets via component context menu. Scripting: Fix issue with duplicate references error for Assembly Definition File not showing up on startup , This is a Services: Improved support for Apple arm64e devices in Cloud Diagnostics. Terrain: Fix the case that alpha map textures were lost during saving of newly created TerrainData. Terrain: Support for passing down per-layer attributes regarding mask maps and alpha channels , UI Elements: Fixed an issue where some culled Inspectors and fields were displayed in the Inspector window.

Unity Linker: Fix a crash that could occur when a method has an unmanaged constraint. Video: Fix camera culling mask for VideoPlayer. Windows: Fixed an animation bug in the PlayerSettings editor when it is included in the Universal Settings window. Windows: Fixed an issue that caused an iOS build to fail when a language with non-Latin characters is set as the Windows display language.

Animation: Added a selection filter for the Animation window to only show properties and curves of selected GameObjects. Editor: Updated behavior so that when you double-click on C compile messages in the console window in Visual Studio, the corresponding C file opens at the correct line and column.

Editor: Updated behavior so that when you double-click on C compile messages in the console window, in Visual Studio in Windows, the corresponding C file opens at the correct line and column. This window provides quick UIElements code snippets in the Editor. Animation: Changed the evaluation order to evaluate constraints before the LateUpdate script. Asset Import: Added a warning when multiple sub-Assets are imported with the same name or type.

This often happens when importing Models with multiple Meshes or Materials that have the same name in the. Their resulting file ID and thus references to them may break or change if Unity re-imports them and finds a new sub-Asset with the same name before finding the existing one. Asset Import: Starting with the Unity Editor: Removed most of the legacy Module Manager.

Only extension modules located inside the Unity install are loaded now. Also completely removed the Modules This is similar to Renderers Rendering Layer Masks. Graphics: Asynchronous Shader compilation: DrawProcedural now skips rendering during compilation instead of trying to use the dummy Shader. Prefabs: Prefabs created by dragging into the hierarchy are now parents to the correct parent, instead of being a root object.

The correct parent will thus be set in Awake calls. Scripting: Made the GarbageCollector. GCMode property only throw an exception on unsupported platforms when trying to change it’s value, not when reading it. Timeline: Clip properties can no longer be animated by recording. Clip properties are animated with the Curves view. VFX: Changed the awakening process of the VisualEffect component, so you can now use the Inspector even if the component is disabled.

Android: When set to true, you can mimic TouchScreenKeyboard. Animation: Added a contextual menu option that jumps to a specific AnimatorController State while liveLinked is enabled. Animation: Added a selection filter that shows properties and animation curves for only the selected GameObjects.

Animation: Added an option to hide read-only clip properties and animation curves in the Animation window, to improve performance. Animation: Added visual feedback and keyboard shortcuts for the Ripple option in the Animation window. The Cancel option is the default when pressing or closing the popup. Canceling restores the current selection and keeps the unapplied changes.

Asset Import: Compressor Quality can now be set in the texture asset import settings for BC6H and BC7 formats allowing compression quality to be traded for import speed.

DX Improved performance of async texture loading in DX12 to avoid a rendering stall when 2D textures are created. Added a popup and a Console warning that notifies users that enabling Coverage slows performance. Editor: Added a message box whenever the OS fails to delete an asset when deleted from the Project Browser view. Editor: Added a proxy icon for the currently open Scene to the title bar in the main Editor window on macOS.

Editor: Added a toggle to the Scene Camera settings for infinite acceleration when navigating with flying mode. Editor: Exposed ProjectWindowUtil. This function allows Editor scripts to create new text-based assets from template files in a similar way to how the built-in C Script template is used to create new MonoBehaviour classes. This requires launching Unity through Xcode with the Metal frame capture enabled. GI: Added Rendering. Optimized direct lighting by using compaction.

GI: Optimized time to first lit texel for the progressive lightmappers by multithreading heavy functions. GI: Realtime GI now uses correct lightomg falloff for indirect Lights when you use configurable light falloff. This is done by compressing normal vectors and albedo. This new version has better performance and a lower memory footprint. Graphics: Added sprite Mesh support for custom splash screen logos.

You can now use tight mesh mode and Vector sprites. Graphics: Added the ability to disable the blur on the Made with Unity splash screen. Graphics: Asynchronous Shader compilation: Minimized cyan dummy shader flashes by variant tracking and warmup. Graphics: Deferred the creation of command buffers and render encoders until they are needed in Metal.

Graphics: Improved the performance of asyncronous Texture loading on the PS4 by fixing a rendering stall that occured when you created a 2D Texture. Kernel: Performance improvements in internal Matrix4x4 Invert method used primarily by Rendering and Cameras. Mobile: Improved performance of async texture loading on iOS to remove a rendering stall when 2D textures are created. Package Manager: Added support to include built-in packages in the Project as dependencies of other packages.

Package Manager: Installed modules now appear in the Dependencies list alongside package dependencies. Profiler: Players will show up more consistently in the profiler list, when there are a lot of players running on the same network, previously Editor wouldn’t keep up with message processing incoming from a lot of players, thus it was taking a while for a new player to show up in the profiler list. Scripting: The managed debugger now outputs the network port it’s listening on to the player log.

Shaders: Moved 38 built-in keywords to local keywords. Terrain: Made changes such that the system no longer generates basemap Textures if you do not use the basemap shader. Timeline: Implemented a new read-only mode for when a Timeline asset is not editable.

This is caused by either the file readonly flag or source control. UI: Added the ability to modify the number of pixels per unit used when calculating sliced and tiled sprites. UI: Removed the spritePacking tag option from the TextureImporter when not using the legacy packing mode. This enables several scenarios like transparent window to be used once again.

The method can be called in jobs. Editor: Added AssemblyBuilder. Editor: Added AssetDatabase. OpenAsset overloads that take both a line number and column number. DX Improved performance of async texture loading in DX12 to avoid a rendering stall when 2D textures are created.

Editor: Added a message box whenever the OS fails to delete an asset when deleted from the Project Browser view. Editor: Reduced the number of key presses in order to start a rebind in the Shortcut manager from 3 to 2. This new version has better performance and a lower memory footprint.

Graphics: Improved performance of async texture loading on PS4 to remove a rendering stall when 2D textures are created. Mobile: Improved performance of async texture loading on iOS to remove a rendering stall when 2D textures are created. Package Manager: It is now possible to include built-in module packages in the project as dependencies of other packages. Profiler: Players will show up more consistently in the profiler list, when there are a lot of players running on the same network, previously Editor wouldn’t keep up with message processing incoming from a lot of players, thus it was taking a while for a new player to show up in the profiler list.

Shaders: Moved 38 builtin keywords to local keywords. Timeline: New read-only mode, when timeline asset is not editable file readonly flag or by source control. The method can be called in jobs. Asset Import: Added API in model importer to prevent game objects from being sorted by name in imported game object hierarchies. Editor: Added AssemblyBuilder.

Editor: Added AssetDatabase. OpenAsset overloads that take both a line number and column number. Editor: Added GameObjectUtility. Editor: Added Editor. DrawFoldoutInspector to draw a nested inspector with a foldout title bar. Editor: Added MaterialEditor. Editor: OnOpenAsset attribute now supports method signature int instanceId, int line, int column. Editor: Renamed SceneView. Editor: Usage of DescriptionAttribute to change the display name of enum values in the inspector has been changed to use the InspectorNameAttribute instead.

GI: Added Gizmos. This is the alternative to correcting them via Postprocessing. GI: Fixed issue where we can’t set Lightmap Parameters from script on non-prefab objects.

Mobile: Application. Scripting: Added UnityEditor. TypeCache API for fast extraction of derived types, methods or classes marked with an attribute. Shaders: Added Shader. CopyActiveRenderTextureToTexture These two may be used for copying the content of the active RT into the terrain textures, optionally delaying the CPU synchronization, for instance at the event of mouse move in the middle of painting. DirtyTextureRegion These two may be used alternatively to the two functions above if the user directly changes the GPU resources by other means.

Terrain: Added TerrainData. GetInterpolatedHeights method for querying the interpolated terrain height values over a grid of samples. Terrain: Deprecate Terrain. Use TerrainData. SyncHeightmap instead. Video: MediaEncoder. AddFrame now has overloads that take timestamps for producing Variable Frame Rate movies.

Timestamps are expressed using new MediaTime struct. Android: Hide the internal Visual Studio build system setting for Android Android: Now the same sign config is being used for both release and debug configurations. Android: Touch and mouse position’s y value will be inverted in the native backend instead of managed code in the new input system.

Animation: Fixed an issue where RectTransform properties would show missing curves that were not actually missing Asset Import: Fixed incorrect import of BC6H format textures where the source bitmap contained negative zero values. Audio: Audio High Pass Filter component has no slider Audio: Audio output groups are not shown with a Tree structure but as a flat list in output group object selector Audio: Fixed a potential crash when resetting a group’s properties in the Audiomixer.

Audio: Removed “raw speaker mode” option from Project Settings for audio, as it was never usable and made the matching enum value obsolete. Build Pipeline: Fix error when loading an object from an asset bundle on the first frame of a scene load operation under certain conditions.

Cinemachine: Fix: Timeline – When mainpulating any controls the camera pops between the desired image and some point in space Editor: Asserts in in test actions now correctly impacts the test results.

Editor: Debug. LogException will correctly be shown in Editor console when received from the player. Editor: Exception is not handled properly in PlayTests when a custom Enumerator is used as a Coroutine and throws an Exception Editor: Fix issue with FilePathAttribute constructor throwing exception if called from MonoBehaviour constructor or another thread.

Editor: Fix splitter view layout and resizing rounding issues. Editor: Fix: Copying and pasting selected text copies an additional letter that is not selected Editor: Fixed an issue where Editor throws Enum errors while displaying nested serialized Unity Events. Editor: Fixed an issue where folder loses focus after renaming it in the Project Window.

Editor: Fixed clicking on AudioListener toggled some empty space Editor: Fixed creating a material with multiple inspector windows open would trigger IndexOfOfRange errors Editor: Fixed editor hang when batch processing sprites with asterisks in file name.

Editor: Fixed editor resize issues when multiple GameViews are open Editor: Fixed incorrect refreshing of the render pipeline in SRP when changing texture quality. Editor: Fixed issue related to Generic Menu’s incorrect insertion of child menu items if parent item name terminates with a space character.

Editor: Fixed issue related to Script Execution Order window truncating lengthy script names in label control. Editor: Fixed issue where the test runner would not reopen the original scene after running playmode test. Editor: Fixed issue where Version Control option is not enabled in Assets context menu after enabling Perforce Editor: Fixed issue with shader and shader category being ticked in the drop down when they have the same name.

Editor: Fixed potential crash when calling Editor. CreateEditor with a type that does not derive from UnityEditor. Editor: Fixed removing a component from multi-selected gameobjects would break the inspector Editor: Fixed resize borders on floating windows to better expose window controls. This also fixes an issue where resize was triggered when dragging from other parts of the window when gaining focus.


Sketchup pro 2019.2 release notes free


Она инстинктивно отпрянула назад, застигнутая врасплох тем, что увидела. Из-за решетчатой двери кухни на нее смотрели. И в тот же миг ей открылась ужасающая правда: Грег Хейл вовсе не заперт внизу – он здесь, в Третьем узле.


What’s new in SketchUp update? – Garden Design Tools

Editor: Fixed a possible crash when the splash screen was playing and a sprite that was being drawn was modified or deleted. Graphics: Added the static function, Inverse3DAffine , to Matrix4x4 to compute the inverse of an affine matrix. Editor: Unable to change Editor layout after importing asset or any package into project Graphics: Fix fo texture atlas generation when a detail mesh material does not contain a valid texture. DirtyHeightmapRegion instead. Version Released Unity

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